Headshot of Valerie Chernetskyy

Valerie Chernetskyy, Creative Director/Founder

Chic Bytes, powered by C’est Mode Chic LLC, is a boutique marketing firm, publishing tech and startup focused stories highlighting the contributions of women-led businesses. In addition to its blog, the company offers content writing and marketing support to small businesses seeking to build a lasting relationship with their target audience. We help you devise the strategy and content you need to build an amazing online presence for growing your business.


Valerie Chernetskyy is a professional writer and marketing consultant with a background in journalism and 10 years of professional writing experience that spans consumer and business audiences. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in journalism and a Master’s degree in Communication from Fairfield University.

Kathleen Montinat is a marketing intern and budding tech geek, playing an instrumental role in the growth of the brand while learning the ropes of what it takes to build a business and a strong community around it.


Chic Bytes, powered by C’est Mode Chic LLC, is a place for local entrepreneurs and business owners to find resources, inspiration and services geared at helping them market and develop their brand successfully. We are a women-led team working to encourage female entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business ventures.


The core principles that guide our actions:

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Education
  • Transparency

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